Why I started The Bohemian Parent

Living Life on the Amalfi Coast
Living Life on the Amalfi Coast

When I was younger, I had the perfect life – at least on paper. I lived in Manhattan, was climbing the rungs in my career as an Advertising Executive and enjoyed the sort of perks that come with being a young professional living in a bustling city.

I was miserable. 

I was living according to other people’s expectations (or more precisely, what I thought other people expected from me).

After five years, I finally realized I was making the choice to ignore my own dreams.

I didn’t have kids or a mortgage – the only thing keeping me from living the life I wanted was fear. If my life was ever going to change, I needed to be the one to change it.

I left the corporate world for a three month marine expedition in Mexico. I arrived with virtually no SCUBA diving experience and I found myself living in a rundown bungalow with no running water or electricity. It might be hard to imagine, but I was happy. I was learned a new way of living – far from the modern conveniences that often distract us from really engaging life.

I spent the next few years traveling the world as a diver, a bartender, a fruit picker, a wanderer and a beach bum. I worked when I needed money and learned as much as I could about how the rest of the world lives.

I learned a lot about myself, and met some amazing people along the way.

When I was ready to make another change, I moved back to the states. I married my college sweetheart and we had two beautiful little boys. My globe-trotting days are long gone, but the lessons I learned along the way will stay with me forever.

Another lifelong dream of mine has been to become a writer.

Starting a blog has been a scary step for me – putting myself out there for the world to critique – but I’ve learned a life without risks isn’t much of a life at all. I’m hoping to create a community where I can share with and learn from other parents who chose to rethink the insane standards of perfection facing parents today.


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