What being overweight says about your marriage

When living in India, I remember so many stories about why married women got fat. It was always about the bliss of marriage and how the excess of happiness somehow added love handles to the body. The abundance in their lives somehow created abundance in their bodies.

A woman’s curvy body, a symbol of the excess of love, is celebrated and cherished.

This is totally untrue in the US. Here, women are considered attractive if they are long and lean – without any curves outside of the bosom and buttocks. Not only is this body type – shoved in our faces from the time we were little girls watching Disney cartoons – unobtainable for most women, but when’s the last time you saw a person that was starving themselves to death looking happy about it?

In the Western world, women don’t “get fat” to celebrate their overabundance. Women here are still being told how to look and how to behave. And neglect is not only tolerated but admired.

So my thought for today comes down to this. Does your body reflect the state of your marriage? Does an abundance of love leave you with love handles? Are you starving for attention? Or have you added some extra padding to protect yourself?

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