What exactly does GMO mean?

GMOs, what exactly are they and what do they mean to my family? The use of GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) in our food sources is a hotly debated topic with big money on one side and consumer activists on the other. And I don’t think GMOs are going away anytime soon.

What are GMOs?

Most people these days are familiar with the term GMOs but few of us everyday consumers are able to define exactly what they are. The simple answer is that a GMO is any type of organism, plant, or animal, whose genes had been modified through genetic engineering.

Why are GMOs important to me?

As I’ve been working to provide my family with healthier food over the past few years, we’ve embarked on a journey that will likely evolve over the coming months and years. We’ve slowly removed the obvious chemicals (MSG, HFCS, etc.) from our diets and added more organic varieties of food (milk, yogurt, meats, produce) to our meals but GMOs have been harder to spot.

When I discuss healthy meal planning with older friends and family, they’re often confused by the modern-day terms that define our food. I hear things like, “I was raised drinking regular milk and I turned out just fine. Organic milk is just a marketing scam to sell it for a higher price.” and “High fructose corn syrup is only in candy. I don’t eat candy.”

The truth is that there are so  many chemicals in our foods these days – that didn’t exist when we were growing up – that we have to empower ourselves with information. Still the amount of research out there is daunting, and sorting through it is extremely time-consuming. To help cut through all the white noise – and extract simple steps you can take to improve your family’s health – I’m developing a new part of this site that will be dedicated to healthy living.

Stay tuned for more informative articles as we continue our Journey to Wellness.

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