Five signs you’re living the good life

Sometimes we go through a rough patch and it seems like life just keeps kicking us when we’re down. Sometimes we don’t realize how good life is because we’re still busy licking our wounds and waiting for the other shoe to drop.

In the last five years my husband and I have survived job losses, death of loved ones, disease, natural disasters, and pretty much every other unpleasant thing you can think of. The last few months, though, have gone pretty smoothly. The problem is we became used to surviving catastrophes – so we didn’t realize when they stopped.

I was going in hysterics about having a messy house and planning playdates for my boys. When I got all wrapped up in finding the perfect school for my kids to play at a couple hours a week, my husband finally called me on it. He said all the schools near us were good, and that I should be lucky to only have “rich people problems”.

At first, of course I was indignant … and furious. I just wanted what was best for my family!

But when I thought about it I realized he was right.

So if you have any of the “rich people problems” listed below I just wanted to let you know that you made it. You survived whatever hell you had to get through to get here and now it’s time to accept that life is good.

1 – Your cleaning lady keeps moving things on you

If this is one of life’s frustrations for you, it’s time to let it go. Not only do you have a place to live in that is too big for you to keep clean yourself, you can afford to pay someone else to scrub the toilets. Trust me! She’s not purposely putting things back in the “wrong place”. She simply doesn’t know that you like to keep your coffee maker to the left of your toaster. She’s more focused on cleaning your week old jam off the counter top.

2 – You’re commute is too long

If your commute is more than 20 minutes, odds are that you have a decent job. Most people aren’t driving an hour each way to wait tables. And though no one likes spending hours, or even minutes, in sitting in a traffic jam, a long commute offers opportunities. Use this time to listen to that band from college that you still love, but your spouse hates. Smile at the other drivers that are sitting there gritting their teeth and making rude hand gestures. Watching their reactions will surely lighten your mood.

3 – You’re overweight

Throughout most of human history, excess weight was a status symbol. Our course in the developed world we no longer find body fat a symbol of success, but rather a symbol of laziness. I don’t think people become overweight because they are lazy, but I’m pretty sure that most people will agree that if you are overweight you are consuming more food than your body is able to burn off. That balance of consumption verses expenditure is different from person to person because some people just have high metabolisms and their body is burning energy even when they aren’t doing much. So, if you are overweight, you can focus on who to blame or you can appreciate the fact that if there was an apocalypse tomorrow you’d probably outlive all of the waif thin supermodels and actresses that you love to hate. And if that isn’t good enough and you still want to change your body, you have that chance – every day from today until the day you die.

4 – There’s never enough time to get x,y,z done

If you read my last point, I feel confident that you are in fact still alive. That said, if there’s things haunting you that you never seem to get around to, you have a choice. One, you can do them or two, you can let them go.

5 – You aren’t happy with your life

I’m leaving number five for you to figure out for yourself. I’m sure you’re smart and capable of thinking up something that is holding you back in your life. If I’ve learned one thing from my travels around the world, it’s how much we take for granted back home. To most of us, it’s absurd to say having a home, cars to take us to and from work, and spare income to go to the gym if we chose to do so is a luxury, but it is. We can either chose to enjoy the little luxuries we have or we can waste our lives worrying about what we don’t. I’m ready to move on. Are you?

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